Ensuring the health and safety of our people and the communities in which we operate is our top priority.

رؤيتنا وقيمنا


we hiring a employees with integrity are better equipped to provide high-quality service and maintain a positive reputation.


MCC has deep experience in dreamless sector of civil works, electrical works, building constructions and maintenance, Consultancy and Engineering Service, etc. Since enterprise needs are becoming more challenging, change is more frequent and projects require a variety of skills, we operate cross platform teams for complex projects fusing different technologies.


Giving back to the communities in which we work has been a long standing tradition with the company. We get involved by providing donations
of our time, money, materials and expertise. We organize group opportunities with different causes and charities and encourage employees to
volunteer in our community


Frontline Contracting is committed to developing and maintaining substantial opportunity and participation for minority, women and disabled
veterans business enterprises. Our team is committed to utilizing our resources to identify and work with as many qualified and capable minority and disadvantaged subcontractors and suppliers as possible.