Construction for Safety

MCC’s policy statement depends on professionalism. We can only be successful if we always work safely, healthy and environmentally, as a company we must always feel strongly about this commitment.
1. We are one company, one team. Our strength lies in searching to achieve an ideal balance between our own responsibility and all of us working together, where good communication between all people concerned is of paramount importance.
2. We are thoroughly evaluating all our activities for possible risks and repeat this regularly in order to create an accident-free work environment. We hold the firm belief that all the accidents can be avoided.
3. Our company does its utmost to comply with all legal requirements and regulations in the field safety. When implementing new technology, we will always use the best available technology.
4. We continuously strive to improve our management system with regards to safety, healthy and the environment with the goal of using safe environmentally conscious and processes for all our employees, customers, and the environment.
5. We train constantly and always evaluating emergency situations, so that we can make a positive contribution, always prepared to deal with possible disasters.
6. Every employee’s task and responsibility is to ensure his own safety and that of all people on the work floor. All employees are required to notify supervisors or management of every near-accident or dangerous situation.
7. On each decision-making level all people concerned must be able to handle confidential information.
8. Increasing the awareness of health, safety and environmental for all employees and contractors by sensitizing employees training and education.
9. Communicating with the government, neighbors and/or neighboring companies regarding environmental questions or complaints.
10. This policy statement is open to the general public and is specifically communicated to all employees, customers, government agencies and people close to our sites. All of our actions are undertaken to benefit all.