General Refurbishments Works at Rumaila Oil field

General Refurbishments Works at Rumaila Oil field

  • LocationRumaila Oil field
  • ClientRumaila Operation Organization (ROO)
  • Value3,281,000 USD
  • Completed2018

General refurbishments and new constructions works for Different Buildings (Offices, Security Cabins , WCs, Control rooms , Restaurants ,  Canteens, Accommodations , Residence ,Warehouses ,Labs &  Bathrooms ) along North and South Rumaila Field and Qarmat Ali Water treatment plant

These works include repair walls , rebuild and painting , repair doors, windows , repair floors and roofs with all plumping and electrical works by replacing cables, wires, sockets ,lighting and circuit breakers

Plumping works include rebuild manholes, septic tanks , replace all pvc pipes and replacing wash basin ,replacing shows with all accessories.

  1. Refurbishment work for NR Academy
  2. Phase1 Canteen Refurbishment Works at HQ
  3. Flooring works for dining room at HQ
  4. Refurbishment works of AC Security cabins
  5. Refurbishment Works at M. Qurainat
  6. Refurbishment Works for Lab building
  7. Refurbishment Work at CPS02
  8. Refurbishment Work at CPS01
  9. Refurbishment Work at QAWTP
  10. HSE Remediation Proposal of QA Warehouses
  11. Refurbishment Work at DS04
  12. Electrical works for QAWTP Main Office &Toilets
  13. Electrical Works Chemical Warehouse.
  14. Refurbishment works of Old SCCC.
  15. Tetra building extension and modification.
  16. Full refurbishment works required for SR residence buildings.